Review Policy

I am currently not accepting any review requests

Thank you very much for considering my blog as an appropriate place for your book. Before you send a review request please read this policy and see if your request fits the criteria.

Why I read and blog about it
I created this blog because I love to read books and share my opinions on them with other people. I read books in my spare time next to a full time job and a household I have to run and reading is an important part of my ME-time.
My opinion about books are usually on the characters, development and if I could relate and why, the story, how was it build up and does it form that atmosphere so you can forget everything, and occasionally about the accessibility and flow of the story. The later most if it disturbed me.

What I read
My preferred genres are suspense & mystery, psychological thrillers, historical fiction, literature and contemporary fiction. I do not accept romance, LGBT, erotica or religious fiction. If you want to know more about my taste feel free to visit my review tab or my Goodreads profile
I accept both paper copies and eBooks. I do not accept PDF files.
On a rare occasion a book might be reviewed by a guest blogger if I get an offer I might not like but know someone who will love it. If this would be the case with your request I will discuss this with you beforehand.

When I react
After sending your request I will try to react in 5 workdays. If I do not react it is fair to assume your request did not meet my criteria.

When I accept
If I consider your request I will respond to you by email. If you have a special date you want to have the review by (publication date for example) please state this in your request so I can react immediately if I can manage this.
For newly published books I will post a review in the month surrounding the publication date.

What I do with the review
First and foremost. I will write an honest review which states my feelings about the story and the characters.
I do post reviews that are getting 1 or 2 stars. I post a note on Goodreads and the Librarything if I do not finish the book to be able to remember why. I am aware that I pick out the books I read myself and will state in the review why I picked it up and why I am now deciding it I did not like it.
Reviews will be published on this blog as well as on Goodreads and Librarything. If you want your request posted on Amazon or any other site please state this in your request.

What you might want to know
This blog has 145 GFC follower, 100 rss/emailsubscribers
The twitter account used with this blog has 470 followers
The Goodreads profile has 200 friends
There are an average of 350 unique visitors a month on this blog.

I use stars to rate books on a scale from one to 5 they mean the following:

1 star
I might or might not have finished this book but it was not for me.

2 stars
I finished the book and though I might have liked some things I was not overly impressed

3 stars
Decent book, enjoyed myself while reading and if someone asks I might say they should read it.

4 stars
Spend some quality time with this book. Enjoyed it and if the synopsis is for you, you will enjoy it too. Will say yes if people ask me if it is a good read.

5 stars
I have this book on my shelf in every format possible and you can be sure the spine is bend.If people ask me if they should read it I will tell them do it now.

Thank you for taking the time to read this policy. If you still want to send a review request or have any questions feel free to contact me at ciska.vander.lans (at) gmail (dot) com.
Please add the title of your book, the author (if this is not you), the genre and a blurb to the request.