Train on Thursday: Saabyes Circus, Lars Saabye Christensen

Just admit if you see someone with a book somewhere you need to know what that person is reading. You do check what other people buy in the bookstore. You keep track what the person before you is checking out at the library and you hate the fact that you cannot see what someone is reading with all these e-readers. If you see a book on a blog with a pretty cover you will check it out in one go if it something for you... you actually do this with every book you see that seems to be of interest of other people. Did you recognize yourself already? If yes do join me in Train on Thursday.
The rules are simple. You spotted a book and checked if it would be something for you no matter how that turned out. Write a post with general information of the book and the reason why it caught your interest and if you did or did not add it to your to be read pile.

Saabyes Circus, Lars Saabye Christensen
Every mishap is the start of a great story. An author falls from a stage in Paris. He was supposed to talk about Norwegian literature but while he is falling he finds himself back in the streets of Oslo as a thirteen year old. Looking at a shop window displaying a red Fender Stratocaster he realizes he needs that guitar. With only 43 Danish Krone in his pocket it is clear he is not able to buy the guitar which costs 2207 Danish Krone. Taking on a job as a flower delivery guy he meets Aurora Stern a former trapeze artist and other odd people. His experiences with these people form Saabyes Circus.

This book caught my attention in the hands of a man in line at the bookstore. He was obviously glad to get his hands on it because he was reading it even before paying for it. The cover is very colourful and cannot be easily missed. I never heard of this author but reading his biography and a few reviews on his books makes me curious about it. Not sure if I would start with this one though but I like the sounds of Beatles
I call this topic Train on Thursday as I spot most of my books there. You are free to rename this weekly but do please link back

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01 February, 2014 delete

I read The Half Brother by this author and really enjoyed it. I don't know if I like the sound of this one, but I would give it a try based on The Half Brother.