Review: The Hawley Book of the Dead, Chrysler Szarlan

*Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book on Netgalley from the publisher in return for an honest review*
An old house surrounded by acres of forest.
A place of secrets, mysteries and magic.
This is where Reve Dyer hopes to keep herself and her children safe.
But a mysterious figure has haunted Reve for over a decade. And now Reve knows that this person is on her trail again.
In Hawley, where the magic of her ancestors reigns, Reve must unlock the secrets of the Hawley Book of the Dead before it’s too late

Chrysler Szarlan graduated law school after which she worked as a managing attorney with the Connecticut Legal Rights Project. She lives in Massachusetts with her family.

This book has been buzzed with references to The Night Circus and Deborah Hakness's All Souls Trilogy and I enjoyed both of them a lot! Obviously I wanted to read this book.
Reve looses her husband in what looks like a stupid accident but it does not feel right. Messages from both her daughter and her grandmother convince her it was no coincidence and she takes her children to a safe spot. The old town where her families legacy is and maybe more information about her powers. Reve is easy to cheer for, trying to protect her children while dealing with the grief of loosing her husband it is great to see she is put down as a human with her mistakes. I really liked Caleigh too with her fresh mind. Other characters add to the story instead of being in the way.
The story is developing nice and it is easy to keep up with. I did miss layers and the feeling of magic pouring out of the pages which I had with the other two books The Hawley Book of the Dead was compared with.

The Hawley Book of the Dead
Author: Chrysler Szarlan
Publisher: Century
Pages: 352
Format: eArc
ISBN-10: 1780891466
ISBN-13: 9781780891460
The Hawley Book of the Dead
3 stars

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13 November, 2014 delete

Can you believe I still haven't read The Night Circus. Don't you just hate when they compare books? Seems like it was an unfair comparison?