Church of Marvels, Leslie Parry

*Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in return for an honest review*

Author: Leslie Parry
Publisher: Two Roads
Pages: 320
Format: eArc
ISBN-13: 9781473605626
Publisher: eBook | Hardcover 
Church of Marvels

Sylvan Threadgill finds a little baby while working as a night soiler.
Odile Church grew up in her mothers sideshow together with her sister. Her sister is now missing after an accident with the sideshow and Odile goes out to look for her.
Alphie suddenly wakes up in a lunatic asylum wondering what the dreams about blood on the floor and her screaming mother in law mean.
As the lives of these people start to connect truths are revealed and soon their lives are starting to depend on one another.

I was not able to get into this story. The voices of the characters where confusing me. Sylvan was still pretty good to keep up with though some of his motives where unclear.
Alphie was not making any sense at all. Though her story starts to make sense eventually her incoherent pieces where annoying and ruining my rhythm in reading.
Overall the story failed to pull me in. I missed the magic I was expecting after reading the synopsis and other information on the book. Though the story is wrapped up and things make sense in the end the whole reading experience was not pleasant for me.
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18 May, 2015 delete

Such a pity when you look forward to the read, based on the synopsis and then the book turns out to be everything but :(