There goes... January & February!

Looking back..

I did not post a there goes for January. When the end of the month came along I just hurt my back badly and could not sit behind a computer properly for a week. Starting at a new position at work I was happy I could keep up with the regular posts and decided to put the January summary in with the February one.


Has been crazy. I moved to another position and am now a junior software developer instead of working the service desk. I have been learning like crazy of the past years to become a developer but it is all overwhelming and I am usually exhausted when I get home. It is nice though all the new challenges but it does have a big influence on my


Not a lot. Well compared to other people I obviously still read a lot but for me it is not. If I finish a book a week I am happy. I do notice I get frustrated by this a bit but I just have to accept it for now and it will get better. I read 12 books in the last two months and a most of them were really good.


I am still on top of my challenges. I am doing the Goodreads Reading Challenge and am 4 books ahead. I read 3 books for my The Mount TBR Reading Challenge that I set on 12 books. I did not read a book that qualifies for Book Riot's Read Harder Challenge yet.


I read 12 books in the last two months and reviewed a view of them too. I loved The Ex by Alafair Burke and Try Not To Breathe by Holly Seddon. I did not buy many new books but found a lot of interesting books at the bookexchange point in the train station.


PIPPIN the musical will come to Amsterdam in March. I must admit I have booked a few shows in the weekends which will probably interfere with my reading but it does mean a lot of train time with books. I am on track with my review copies and will mostly concentrate on them. Though I will try to put in 1 more book for my Mount TBR challenge. Might have to look in the the Book Riot Challenge too and see if I can fit something in there. 

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Jennine G.
02 March, 2016 delete

Compared to me you're reading amazingly! I see some titles there is like to get around too.

05 March, 2016 delete

Sounds like you're doing pretty well, considering health problems and a busy new job. Keep up the good work!

09 March, 2016 delete

Congratulations on your new position at work, Ciska!
You'll get on track with your reading speed soon, I'm sure. Anyway, you read far more than I do, so it's still a lot!
Have fun in all the events you are attending in March.

05 April, 2016 delete

Compared to me, you've read A LOT!!

Congratulations on your new developer position at work. I hope you enjoy it!