Lions, Bonnie Nadzam

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Lions, Bonnie Nadzam
Author: Bonnie Nadzam
Publisher: Grove Press, Black Cat
Pages: 288
Format: DRC
ISBN-10: 0802124909
ISBN-13: 9780802124906
Publisher: eBook | Hardcover | Paperback

2 stars

When a travelling stranger appears one day, his unsettling presence sets off a chain reaction that will change the fates of everyone he encounters. It begins with the patriarch John Walker as he succumbs to a heart attack. His devastated son Gordon is forced to choose between leaving for college with his girlfriend, Leigh, and staying with his family to look after their flailing welding shop and, it is believed, to continue carrying out a mysterious task bequeathed to all Walker men. While Leigh is desperate to make a better life in the world beyond the desolation of Lions, Gordon is strangely hesitant to leave it behind. As more families abandon the town, he is faced with what seem to be their reasonable choices and the burden of betraying his own heart.

Ghost town filled with ghosts from the past. This book made me feel uncomfortable. Leigh and Gordon are teenagers about to leave for college. They are the only young ones in town and naturally became a couple after being best friends. Though they obviously had to go to school somewhere and meet other people it still felt normal that they did everything together.
The small community falls apart when the stranger comes trough town. They way the downfall is described is kind of heartbreaking even though not many words are used. They are brought as a fact. These people left and that one died. It is easy to feel for the ones that are still there but also hard to connect to them as they cannot make up their minds really about what is happening.
This is a story about loss, regret, choice. It is slow and the timeline is confusing. Still it is engaging and I continued reading despite it being difficult to get trough because I had to know what would happen to the people in the story. Where did the walkers go when they left for the North. Would Leigh and Gordon manage to escape the ghost town and what will happen to those left behind.
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12 August, 2016 delete

Sounds like an interesting premise. Too bad the story is slow and confusing. Sounds like one I can skip. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!