There goes... September!

I finished 5 books in September. I am satisfied though I had expected to finish more as I am having holiday. But I read two 500+ pages books so it is still a lot of reading. I loved The Passage by Justin Cronin the most and read three very nice review books.

I am 5 books ahead with my Goodreads Challenge. I am pretty safe there. I did not read any books for other challenges so there is still something to work on there.

My second nephew was born on the last Sunday of September. I saw him yesterday and he is really small and cute. I now have two cute nephews to spoil. We had two big birthdays in the family too and I spend a weekend with my mum visiting various activities in my home town.

We are having our summer holiday at this moment. I know it is late in the season and autumn is upon us but with all the parties happening it was better to go a bit later. We went to the Canary Island for 2 weeks and I spend all my time reading beside a pool. It was really great. Now we still got a week left to do some fun stuff and obligatory household things like gardening.

DEWEY-READ-A-THON. Yes it is upon us again. You can follow the count down and sign up on I have been awfully slow with my reading but I am going to participate in this one for sure and already am plotting on my books. I am going to try and join #ReadSherlock! I am still pondering how to fit it in but with a whole week off I can manage something. Meanwhile I am loving all the Halloween madness that is going on on my social media feeds already. We do not really celebrate it here though it is gaining some ground but I love the creepy fun.
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03 October, 2016 delete

Congrats on the new nephew! Happy October!

07 October, 2016 delete

The passage is great!
So bad you didn't come here on holidays, but the Canary Islands are great, haha.
Congratulations on your nephew, I liked the sencente "now I have two cute nephews to spoil" lol.
And I'm also participating in the Readathon, I'm so excited already!!!