Girl in Disguise, Greer Macallister

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Girl in Disguise, Greer Macallister
Author: Greer Macallister
Publisher: Sourcebooks Landmark
Pages: 308
Format: DRC
ISBN-10: 1492635227
ISBN-13: 9781492635222
Publisher: eBook | Hardcover | Paperback
Girl in Disguise

3 stars

In the tumultuous years of the Civil War, the streets of Chicago offer a woman mostly danger and ruin-unless that woman is Kate Warne, the first female Pinkerton detective and a desperate widow with a knack for manipulation.
Descending into undercover operations, Kate is able to infiltrate the seedy side of the city in ways her fellow detectives can't. She's a seductress, an exotic foreign medium, or a rich train passenger, all depending on the day and the robber, thief, or murderer she's been assigned to nab.

Based on a real person based in the Pinkerton Agency this book is an interesting read.
Kate is a strong female characters. Knowing what she wants and due to a challenging childhood she is willing to go far to get it. She is sharp and witty but on some ways also conservative. Her career in the agency is interesting and filled with investigation. It is clear that the goal of the story is to tell about the woman and not her cases. There is no puzzling along with this story but it does give a nice insight on how the agency works.
I did enjoy the way the character was developed though the timeline got me confused sometimes. I was never really sure how much time had passed between situations and had to hold on to the numerous mentions of historical happenings to realize what year we were in. Some parts of the story go very fast with jumps in time others take a bit longer and maybe even drag at points. These stops at certain situations were always important to the development of the story though for some it takes some time to be revealed. In the end everything does become clear and there are no loose ends.
What did annoy me a bit was the fact that all the man in the story got accused of sexist behaviour or having wrong intentions. It will probably was a reality in the circles Kate was moving in and the types of man she encountered. Still it felt forced at some point and in my eyes it was not needed to make her a strong female character.
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21 April, 2017 delete

This sounds like a great read, but it does annoy me when authors feel like they have to OBVIOUSLY hammer in a point they're already making. We're smart readers -- we'll get it without the preaching!