That Last Weekend, Laura DiSilverio

*Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher *

That Last Weekend, Laura DiSilverioAuthor: Laura DiSilverio
Publisher: Midnight Ink
Pages: 312
Format: DRC
ISBN-10: 0738752533
ISBN-13: 9780738752532
Publisher: Paperback
That Last Weekend

2 stars

Every year for a decade, five college friends spent a weekend together at the atmospheric Chateau du Cygne Noir. Then, tragedy struck.
Ten years later, Laurel Muir returns to the castle for the first time since the accident, hoping to reconnect with her friends and lay the past to rest. When a murderer strikes, it rips open old wounds and forces the women to admit there's a killer in their midst. The remaining friends make a pact to unearth the truth, but suspicion, doubt, and old secrets threaten to tear them apart. Unsure who to trust, Laurel puts herself in harm's way, risking it all for friendship and long-delayed justice.

A group of friends, accidents, mystery and suspense. The summary for this book caught my attention.
The book starts with a chapter on each of the friends. They receive an invitation to return to Chateau du Cygne Noir and all seem to react very distressed. It is nice to get a look into every character but it disturbed the pace of the story and I noticed I lost some attention. Next most of the book is told from Laurel and Geneva. This made me feel that those introductions in the beginning were not really necessary. Though it was nice to try and puzzle along I missed the real tension. There were some scenes that could have been spooky but it failed to grip me.
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