There goes February..!

Caught the flu so spend 2 weeks in bed. I did a lot of reading and especially a lot of listening as my eyes where to watery to actually read a book.
I continued listening to Harry Potter and am currently listening to the last book. What other audiobooks can you recommend?

I have been reading some backlist books too. Book that have been lying around for ages and a few review books. I enjoyed The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris the most. My review will be up soon.

I did not read much in the last weekend though. My 6 year old nephew was here all weekend and we did a lot of Star Wars stuff. He had to play with the other half his Lego and we watched the movies and went to the Star Wars Identities exhibition. Though it was big fun I was to tired to read when he finally went to bed. I now understand all you mums out there that get up early to get some reading done.

Challenge wise there is no problem though, Goodreads is telling me I am 12 books ahead on my 52 books this year challenge. I do have to start writing more reviews. A few are scheduled now and I do hope to do a few more this upcoming weekend.

How was your February? Did you celebrate Valentines?

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02 March, 2018 delete

Hopefully you are feeling better. Happy March!

11 March, 2018 delete

Yes much better thank you! Happy March to you too.