That were June and July..!

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Two months in one go! I started a new job in June and it has been busy. I have to learn a lot of new things and there are two big projects I had to jump in immediately. It is crazy but I do enjoy it a lot! This does mean I have been making some very clear decisions about my free time and obviously writing blog post was not one of them. I am a developer so spend most of my day behind a computer and was noticing I did not feel like starting up my computer at home. I did however do a lot of other bookish stuff.

In June I read 7 books and July was even more with 9 books. Seven of them are from the Lucas Davenport Series by John Sandford which I am listening to. I enjoy them a lot. I re-read The Passage by Justin Cronin and picked up the next two instalments. Am now finishing the third one so that one will count for August. And I bought a lot of new books. I got gift cards when I left my old job which was a great excuse to go shopping and there was this yearly Amnesty book market where they sell second (or more) hand stuff for just a few bucks.

I participated in both the 24in48 and Dewey's 24 hour readathon and updated some of my bookish registration tools I was behind on (same as here).

I made an update on my Reading Challenge on Goodreads. I started with 50 books and changed it to 80 but I am still 21 books ahead of schedule. I got this fancy excel sheet to make all these nice statistics at the end of the year and according to that one I am on track to read 110 books this year. Still I am going to try and spend a bit more time on here and on other things in the upcoming months as I am still desperately behind with reviews.

So I am finally caught up with everything and am totally ready for August.
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