There goes January..!


How is it that January is already gone!! I have some mixed feelings about this first month of 2019.

My reading was on point. I finished 14 books. I can hardly believe it myself and though I did not like them all that much there were some really good reads there too.

I finally got around to read Birdman by Mo Hayder and The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane by Katherine Howe. I saw both on various blogs over the year as great reads and I am happy to say I loved them and gave them both 4 stars. Will review them both in February.

As you have been able to read earlier this month on my blog I am working on my big unread pile of books. It is a bit of a surprise what I find there and it can be hit and miss. I read 5 books from that pile this month so I am well on my way to make it up to 40 this year.

On the 17th of January it was freezing and when I went home in the evening from sports I fell with my bike. I badly bruised my arm and have not been able to properly hold a paperback. I fell down the rabbit hole and looked up some books on Netgalley to spoil myself.

I joined the #24in48 readathon for 12 hours. It was what I had expected as I was taking my nephew out to see the Lion King on Sunday afternoon too which took up a lot of time but was great fun.

I hope my arm will recover soon though so I can pick up more books from my unread pile of books this month.

How was your January, are you still keeping track with your resolutions or did you give up on them already?

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01 February, 2019 delete

Hope your arm feels better soon. Happy February!