My name is Ciska I live in the Netherlands and I have been reading books since I was able to do so.
I prefer to read psychological thrillers, mysteries and historical fiction but you can catch me with a YA or other genres too. As long as a synopsis combined with a nice cover attracts me I can be convinced to start a book.
On weekdays I spent my time working. I am a software engineer helping people get a grip on their wishes,  thoughts and problems when it comes to the software the company creates. In my spare time I love to be in the kitchen baking and cooking new recipes and find out tasty things. I also love to visit zoo's and my favorite animal is a Binturong.
If you have questions feel free to approach. You can either leave a comment or send an email to ciska.vander.lans(at)gmail(dot)com 

My stars explained
1 star
I might or might not have finished this book but it was not for me.

2 stars
I finished the book and though I might have liked some things I was not overly impressed

3 stars
Decent book, enjoyed myself while reading and if someone asks I might say you should read it. But I will probably not read it a second time.

4 stars
Spend some quality time with this book. Enjoyed it and if the synopsis is for you, you will enjoy it too.

5 stars
I have this book on my shelf in every format possible and you can be sure the spine is bend.

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08 December, 2012 delete

Je hebt een erg mooie blog! Wat een gave lay-out! Prachtig. Ook leuk dat je laat zien wat je momenteel aan het lezen bent. Bedankt ook voor je reactie op m'n blog over goede doelen. Slim om op die manier je geld te doneren, dan heb je ook een beter idee waar het terecht komt. En dan hopelijk niet in de zak van de directeur, natuurlijk.

26 September, 2013 delete

Hi :) We nominated you for the Liebster Award! We hope you'll accept it. Here's our post: http://allthatmagic.wordpress.com/2013/09/24/liebster-award/