There goes March..!

March books

In all honestly March has been gone for more than a week but it was a rough one. March has all been about finding a new job. It was crazy busy with writing letters and thinking about my strong points and why I was the best person for that one job and that company. It is stressful. BUT... I did manage to get a new job and I will start May 1th and I am really excited about it.

My arm has been recovering and I am slowly returning to my sports. I started swimming again and hope to get back to my nunchaku training soon.

And I was totally excited about the Dewey Readathon which was last weekend but you will have to wait for my April post to get an update on that one.

I started listening to The Seven Sisters books by Lucinda Riley and I am enjoying them. They are very adventurous and filled with a lot of cultural references. I also read Thirteen by Steve Cavanagh which I loved. The other books this month were a bit hit and miss but I am not sure how much of that was on the book or me being exhausted.

I am still easily on track for my Goodreads challenge. I do think this is going to help me coming May when I start my new job and will need my brains for other things. And I finished 2 books from my Pile of Unread Books of which I read 9 books now. Not as much as I had hoped but have been listening more than actually holding up a book. I will catch up on that one in April though.

What has been the most stressful thing you have done so far this year?
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Congrats on the new job! Happy April!

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thank you