Train on Thursday: The Fifth Woman, Henning Mankell

train on thursdayOn Thursday I travel with the train. A lot of people read while traveling and I am curious what they read while traveling. In this weekly I take a look at their books and see if it is something for me. This man bought the book in the bookstore on the station. He had to run for his train. In his hands “The Fifth Woman” by Henning Mankell.

The Fifth WomanIn an African convent, four nuns and a unidentified fifth woman are brutally murdered—the death of the unknown woman covered up by the local police. A year later in Sweden, Inspector Kurt Wallander is baffled and appalled by two murders. Holger Eriksson, a retired car dealer and bird watcher, is impaled on sharpened bamboo poles in a ditch behind his secluded home, and the body of a missing florist is discovered—strangled and tied to a tree. The only clues Wallander has to go on are a skull, a diary, and a photo of three men. What ensues is a case that will test Wallander’s strength and patience, because in order to discover the reason behind these murders, he will also need to uncover the elusive connection between these deaths and the earlier unsolved murder in Africa of the fifth woman (taken from Goodreads)

Henning Mankell is a well known author and his Wallander series is one of the best sold crime series in the world. But I have never read a book written by Mankell. Maybe it is time to put one of his books on my shelf cause his GR ratings are above average and I do like a good crime novel.
Most reviews say that there is a Mankell is a very good mystery writer and the plot is surprising, some even call the Fifth Woman his best Wallander book. It does make me curious.
Did you ever read a Wallander or other Mankell book and if so, what did you think of it?

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