Review: Under a Silent Moon, Elizabeth Haynes

*Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book on Netgalley from the publisher in return for an honest review*
Under a Silent Moon, Elizabeth Haynes
In the crisp, early hours of an autumn morning, the police are called to investigate two deaths. The first is a suspected murder at a farm on the outskirts of a small village. A beautiful young woman has been found dead, her cottage drenched with blood. The second is a reported suicide at a nearby quarry. A car with a woman's body inside was found at the bottom of the pit.
As DCI Louisa Smith and her team gather evidence, they discover a shocking link between the two cases and the two deaths-a bond that sealed their terrible fates one cold night, under a silent moon.

Elizabeth Haynes grew up in Seaford, Sussex and studied English, German and Art History at Leicester University. She currently works as a police intelligence analyst and lives in Kent with her husband and son.

I love a good detective story and the synopsis of this book sounded promising. Combined with that cover, a house in the middle of nowhere with a big moon I had a good feeling about this one.
I usually have my hands on a detective story every other book I pick up but it has been a while and I noticed it in how much I enjoyed the book. I was in the mood for a good puzzle.
I liked Louisa but did have some problems with her too. She felt like a strong and ambitious woman, knowing exactly what she wanted but that did not always show in her behavior. Especially in her private life decisions I often felt like slapping her to make her see reality. As this was just a very small part of the book it was easy to overlook though it did leave an impression.
The story itself was a great puzzle. The police investigation is followed on the level of the DCI and you get all of the clues the story has to work with. This makes it easy to follow and puzzle along. I did find it a big risk as it often happens clues are just popping up to give a story an extra surprising factor which was not really possible here. It worked out very well. There were enough possible suspects and stories to make it an interesting investigation.

Under a Silent Moon
Author: Elizabeth Haynes
Publisher: Harper
Pages: 368
Format: ARC
ISBN-10: 0062276026
ISBN-13: 9780062276025
Harper: eBook | Hardcover
Under a Silent Moon
4 stars

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22 April, 2014 delete

The last I read a detective story was an Afrikaans book (review to come).I love getting clues and trying to figure out the puzzle - and sometimes I get a kick out of it when I'm "almost right". Which sometimes happen :)

I'm glad you liked this one. The cover is nice, yes.