Wishlist Wednesday: After the Silence, Jake Woodhouse

Wishlist Wednesday is a weeklies hosted by Pen to Paper. As I have enough wishes when it comes to books I decided to join this weekly and tell you about them. I am obviously curious about the books on your wishlist too so feel free to leave a message.

After the Silence, Jake WoodhouseA murdered policeman, a dead businessman hanging from a hook, a building burnt to the ground in an arson attack and a missing girl - identity unknown.
It's up to damaged, world-weary Inspector Jaap Rykel of Amsterdam's finest to piece it all together. Alongside him he's got an inexperienced female detective wrestling with the ghosts of her past, and a Sergeant with a drugs habit. And then there's the internal affairs investigation . . . 

I am Dutch and always interested how authors will portray Amsterdam. Jake Woodhouse lived in the city for a few years which makes it even more interesting. As I love a good police story too I would really love to read this one!
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