Review: Eilanders, Susan Fletcher

Eilanders, Susan Fletcher
On the island of Parla some believe in the ancient tale of the Fishman, others believe in nothing. All carry with them the mourning and sadness for what the sea has taken away. But when a man with no name is washed up on the stones of Sye, it appears the mythical figure has returned.

Susan Fletcher was born in Birmingham. She studied at the University of York and then at the University of East Anglia. She received the Whitbread Award for First Novel forher book Eve Green. She is currently living in the United Kingdom.

I read this book for my book group. Reading the synopsis I was interested but not convinced it would have been a book I would have picked up otherwise.
The language used in the book is beautiful at times. Descriptions of the life on the island of Parla really give a good image of how it is, the solitude, the nature and the closed community. It reads like poetry.
Still I did not connect to the story at all. Between the pretty words I had to search for a story.
From all the characters in the book I liked Nancy the most. Her innocent behavior being the youngest in the story was the only that made sense to me.
I do feel the book deserves more love than I can give it so please feel free to leave a link on the comments if you have reviewed this book so my visitors will be able to read reviews of people who did enjoy the book.

Author: Susan Fletcher
Publisher: Ambo
Pages: 428
Format: Paperback
ISBN-10: 9047203127
ISBN-13: 9789047203124
Original title: The Silver Dark Sea
3 stars

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