Disclaimer, Renee Knight

*Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in return for an honest review*

Disclaimer, Renee Knight
Author: Renee Knight
Publisher: Harper
Pages: 304
Format: Arc
ISBN-10: 0857522817
ISBN-13: 9780857522818
Harper: eBook| Hardcover| Audiobook

4 stars

Catherine Ravenscroft receives a book in the mail. While reading she realizes the book describes a part of her life she thought she could forget. As the book and the secrets revealed enter more parts of her life the long kept secret seems to leave more victims than winners.

I had a hard time getting into this book. There is nothing revealed in the beginning just that Catherine received the book and the story unnerves her. Not knowing what is in there made that I did not really connect. When the story finally starts to give away what really is going on it is hard to put the book down. And when you think things are going to settle there is another secret long kept.
It is hard to say something about the characters. They show different faces making it that the one moment you like or feel sorry for the persons and the next it is gone. Despite her behaviour I did like Catherine. She seems to be aware of her behaviour but is clearly in survival mode. I disliked Robert though. Pretending to be a good husband but he was not really fair. Stephen crept me out. Though parts of his behaviour make sense I still felt as if he was a scary man lurking in dark alleys.
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10 April, 2015 delete

The premise sounds really cool! Sounds like you were glad you stuck with it despite the slow start. :)