Love is Red, Sophie Jaff

*Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in return for an honest review*

Love is Red, Sophie Jaff
Author: Sophie Jaff
Publisher: Harper
Pages: 384
Format: ARC
ISBN-10: 006234627X
ISBN-13: 9780062346278
Series: Nightsong Trilogy #1
Publisher: eBook | Hardcover
Love is Red

2 stars

There is a murderer on the streets of New York killing young woman. The panic in the city is big and woman are told to be vigilant and steer clear from clubs or strange men.
Katherine just met David en got introduced to his best friend Sael. Both men are attractive in their own way. While Katherine is trying to decide which of the two she likes more the murderer is getting awfully close to home.

Sometimes a story is to much. Sometimes a story does not flow. But sometimes it is intriguing enough to keep me reading. This was one of those books. Shifting point of view. Katherine her story told in the I. The murderers story told in you and there where even more styles like newspaper, interview and third person parts. This was disturbing my reading very badly.
Besides the to many styles. Katherine her doubt about the two seemingly different but very attractive guys in her life. The developments here are nice. I had a hard time understanding David though. I would not let another person toy with me like that!
The murders. Though they are mostly in the background surrounding the story more than being the story they are around. They are used to set the atmosphere and made me feel very uncomfortable.
The fairytale and paranormal, fantasy I am not sure what happened there part. So there is a whole part of the book about ancient ghost like things that take over human beings in this world. And some can see or have powers and others don't but an old mystery started in some dark time is now resolved when all the characters, ghost, spirits and colours come together again in this book. I did not really sign up for that part of the story and tried to neglect it most of the time but the part it played became more and more important.
Still I did finish the book meaning there must have been something that kept pulling. As I do not believe in Ghosts much I guess my curiosity about the other two parts were big enough to want the answers.
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