The Wold Border, Sarah Hall

*Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in return for an honest review*

Author: Sarah Hall
Publisher: Harper
Pages: 448
Format: Arc
ISBN-10: 0062208470
ISBN-13: 9780062208477
Publisher: eBook | Hardcover

Rachel Caine is a zoologist specialised in wolfs. When the Earl of Annerdale calls her with a very special idea she is taken back to the area she grew up. His request? Create a thriving wolf pack in the special enclosure he build on his estate. First reluctant to join this project as it would mean returning to her home town where her eccentric mother though extremely old and ill still lives she ends up taking the job.
Confronted with a big change in her life and the controversy around the wolfs Rachel has to dig deep in her own strength and personality to coop with it all.

I live in a country where the most scary creature existing was an angry Eurasian eagle owl terrorizing a neighbourhood for months. Last spring we had a wolf in the country for 4 days and whole news bulletins where sacrificed to show the movements of this young animal looking for his own area. The reactions of people confronted with the animal are the same as the ones described in the book. People have this idea when it comes to predatory animals but often they are a bit over emotional.
The wolf story in this book was great. I loved all the information though it could have been more and the whole social discussion about reintroducing animals to the wild.
A big part of the book is about Rachel's personal life and though it was well done having a lot of parallel with the wolf stories I found myself less interested. The secret she kept until the end of the book even made me a bit angry. I am not sure if I liked Rachel. She made some interesting decisions. I would have liked to know more about her childhood situation. There is some information but it is coloured and in loose snippets making it difficult to really get a feeling for it.
Other characters are mostly likeable but though named often I did not really feel any of them played a really important part. They all seem to be there to put Rachel in a certain situation and I do not feel it really mattered much who or what they where.
The story does have a great atmosphere. Seeing the countryside. The wolfs roaming. Seasons pass by.
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13 June, 2015 delete

Well, I'll read it next so I hope to like it a little bit more.
In any case, here we have wolves and I've seen myself some of them in my village. In my country we have a wide range of wild animals, but unfortunately many of them are in danger because people hunt them and destroy their habitats :(

14 June, 2015 delete

Sounds interesting, at least the nature part of it. On my to read list!