A Banquet of Consequences, Elizabeth George

*Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in return for an honest review*

A Banquet of Consequences, Elizabeth George
Author: Elizabeth George
Publisher: Viking
Pages: 592
Format: eArc
ISBN-10: 0525954333
ISBN-13: 9780525954330
Series: Inspector Lynley #19
Publisher: eBook | Hardcover | Audiobook
A Banquet of Consequences

A suicide... next a murder... next an attempt. All have one connection, Caroline Goldacre. Though there seems to be something going on with her it proves difficult to put the murder on her name. Barbara Havers is still on parole if it is up to superintendent Isabelle Ardery and is determined to prove she is up for the job with this case.

First... I do not like Isabelle Ardery. She has been bothering me since she was introduced and I cannot get used to her. Her attitude towards Lynley and Havers bothers me big time.
I enjoyed this book. It is a real whodunit whit enough clues to puzzle along. There where a bunch of possible suspects making it even more fun to guess along on motive and means.
Tommy and Barbara are my favourite detectives. I am glad that Thomas is moving on and seems to be back on track. I had a difficult time recognizing him after that one book where terrible things happened. Barbara is always so blunt it is making me grin but it is great that after all these stories the chemistry between these two characters is still working.
The other characters in the book were interesting. There where a lot of influences with Clare Abbot being a well known author and feminist. Caroline being totally weird in the first place already and having totally lost it after loosing her son. Charlie the other son who clearly has a few problems on his own. For a change there are not to many characters involved in the whole story. I love it when characters are easy to keep apart though I must admit, knowing some of the characters so well already I probably have less difficulty keeping them straight and more time to concentrate on the the other people
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