New Years Resolutions!

Happy New Year!!

Resolution time... I just read my post from last year to see what my plans were and how many I kept and it is official... I am no good.

My posting has been off this year. I even missed a few Monday posts and though I did manage to post a review every week the idea of sticking to three posts a week did not work out. I did notice I missed those Monday catch up posts though I have not been linking up until the last week again. I will try to continue writing my Monday post and link it including visiting a few other sites that are linked up.

For reviews I have made some changes in my planner and I am now writing them in my calendar when I finish a book. Before I had a paper notebook which is great but I noticed when I finished books on the road I did not write so much in my review or forgot to write it all together. I noticed in the last weeks it does work to have the reviews and first thoughts online and available everywhere making it easier to draft posts already. I will try and keep that up. I am not sure if I will keep up with a 2 review a week schedule but will make sure releases are reviewed in a fashionable time.

I have decided to join a few challenges this year. Last year I kept to the Goodreads Challenge and though I managed that one easily I have been really safe with my reading. I feel challenges pull me out of my comfort zone more and make me pick up books I would have missed out on.
I will be participating in

The numbers for my challenges are low. Knowing I will be really busy at work too this year and having to put in a lot of extra time there I like the no pressure thing and it will create time in my brain to visit other blogs participating in a few fun things with full attention and still love my books and reading.

Besides the blogging and reading my most important thing is the changes at work. I will be starting as a full time developer in the company at the end of January. Though I have been learning about coding and techniques a lot doing it for real does mean I am going to learn a lot of extra things and need to put a lot of my time in there. I have been hoping for this opportunity for 6 years though and am obviously planning to make it work!

What are your plans for 2016?
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Vonnie R
01 January, 2016 delete

I'm just like you, I suck at my goals. Lol
I completely understand about being busy. Life just happens and sometimes reading must be put to the side. However, I do wish you tons of luck with your new goals this year!

01 January, 2016 delete

Happy New Year, Ciska! I haven't been blogging much in the last few months. It feels too much of a obligation, and I'm done with obligations! But I don't want to say goodbye completely.