There goes... April!!

Maybe just maybe I am starting to read again. I actually read a few big books this month. Where in March I read one 300 page books I read 5 books with a total of 2389 pages this month. Still not to most I read in a month ever but it feels good.

International Literature Festival Utrecht
One of the reasons probably I read more. I looked up who were coming and had two books by authors visiting here on my to be read pile still. I decided to pick them up and obviously had big plans of finishing them before the festival. This did not really work out but the push of doing something extremely bookish did make me read. The festival itself was really nice though with all the speakers overlapping in time it was sometimes difficult to make a choice whom to see. I checked out the complete panels with P.J. Harvey, Zia Haider Rahman, Reif Larsen en Laurent Binet. It was great to hear them talk about their books and their look on fiction. What impressed me the most was the silence during P.J. Harvey her reading.

Flower parade
I was born in the area in the Netherlands called de Bollenstreek. It is most known for Keukenhof but the whole area is very flowery. Every year they have a parade of cars and big trucks with beautiful flower art on them. I always love going there. It is like a tradition with the family.

I am still on top of my Goodreads challenge but that is about it. Have not done any reading for mount tbr challenge or Book Riot's Read Harder Challenge.

Free days. A lot of them. We might go out on a little vacation at some point and I hope to read a lot. There is not much planned for this month and it I like it. The new theatre seasons are announced though this month and I am curious what will be coming into town.

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30 April, 2016 delete

5 books is good. :-) That flower parade looks nice! Happy May!

01 May, 2016 delete

I feel like I'm getting back into reading again, too. 5 books is fantastic!

Lexxie Lin
03 May, 2016 delete

I'm glad you're getting back into your reading, Ciska. It's frustrating when we don't really feel like reading much. The festival sounds good - even if overlapping times made your choices difficult.
Have a wonderful week and happy reading.
Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews