It's Monday! And I made resolutions for this year!

It's Monday! What are You Reading! is a weekly currently hosted by Kathryn at the Book Date. This weekly is meant to keep you people updated on what I read the last week and what I am planning to read the upcoming week.

Happy New Year all!!
How tired are you of reading all these resolution posts already? No honestly?!? You can skip the next few lines and just look at the images as I will repeat my plans for reading and life a few more times this year.

I changed jobs last year and the transition has been slow. I had to fill up gaps for my old position and did not really get a great start at my new position. This has changed the last month or so but I found it hard to get on track. I will have to spend a good amount of time this year learning and this will influence my reading big time. I do feel up to the challenge though I have been very disappointed about how things went down last year and have been struggling with my motivation. On the upside my body has not been giving me to much trouble last year and I have been able to work hard on my  Nunchaku skills, receiving my brown kyu and now working on my black belt. I started to swim twice a week too and though I hate having to go out and the swimming itself I do feel accomplished after doing it so that is good.

My reading has been off all year and I do not expect it to get much better. I decided to just go with the flow and read what I feel like. I am joining two reading challenges this year

The Goodreads Reading Challenge
This one is easy as it just counts books read. I set it to 40 which has to do both with my expected reading time and the fact that I have a LOT of BIG books on my shelves that I always push away in favour of the max 400 pages books. I am planning to read a few of those big ones for my other challenge.

Organized by Andi from Estella's Revenge the idea is pretty simple. Read the books you already own and try to reduce that To Be Read pile a bit. My pile has been growing over the years and I have about 130 paper books and over 300 e-books waiting for attention. There are books I wanted to read badly but got lost between the other ones. I think it is time to catch up with a few of these. I did the Mount-TBR pile challenge last year and did not manage to get the lowest level of 12 though I did read a few books. #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks does not have the level things or the rules. Just read and enjoy and try and it is enough. I will use the Mount-TBR challenge idea a bit. Books had to be on my pile before December 31th 2016 to count. In my Goodreads shelves it will be called mount-tbr-2017 if you want to check how much I have read.

I will try to join a few bookish Instagram challenges as I enjoy doing them but no strings there.

I had time off between Christmas and New Years and I finished The Lonely Hearts Hotel by Heather O'Neill. Not as much reading as I had hoped for but we went out a few days and had a great time.

The first book of the year is David Copperfield by Charles Dickens. (I am taking tackling the big books serious okay) This will probably take up the best part of January to finish.

What challenges are you joining this year? Link me up to your resolution post!
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02 January, 2017 delete

Oh man... Our TBR-piles are similarly large! I am going to try to make a dent in it as well. And new jobs can be tricky! Just started a new one as well.

Good luck with all!

12 January, 2017 delete

Congratulations on your swimming lessons! I started swimming as an adult too, and I go three days a week - I love it! I do it first thing in the morning and then I feel much better during the day :)
I have no idea what Nunchaku is, but congratulations too! Martial arts are a great exercise!
Regarding your bookish challenges, good luck with those long books. I also have quite a few ones of this kind. My TBR pile is also too big, and I have to work on it.
Good luck and happy 2017!