Miss Treadway & the Field of Stars, Miranda Emmerson

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Miss Treadway & the Field of Stars, Miranda EmmersonAuthor: Miranda Emmerson
Publisher: Estate
Pages: 289
Format: DRC
ISBN-13: 9780008170578
Publisher: eBook | Hardcover | Paperback| Audiobook

2 stars

Soho, 1965.
In a tiny two-bed flat above a Turkish café on Neal Street lives Anna Treadway, a young dresser at the Galaxy Theatre.
When the American actress Iolanthe Green disappears after an evening’s performance at the Galaxy, the newspapers are wild with speculation about her fate.
But as the news grows old and the case grows colder, it seems Anna is the only person left determined to find out the truth.
Anna is a funny character. She is very strong minded and I got the feeling quite naive but there are parts where I doubted that again. It would be easy to get annoyed with her. Her positive the whole world should be a good place attitude but there are enough other things happening to take attention away from it. I enjoyed Aloysius a lot too. I would have liked to know more about his thoughts on the whole thing. The parts of the story from his point of view were very entertaining. Brennan, the cop involved with the case, is a bit of a sad character. I am not so sure what to make of him. I kept feeling sorry and that is not really helping.
The plot is thin and not very mystery like. There are a lot of other interesting subjects like corruption, discrimination, the free choice for woman for abortion and so. It made me wonder if the mystery was written around it to get attention to that subjects. This made it impossible to puzzle along. As said it was interesting to read at points but it failed to really pull me in. The jumping between character and in time did not help the speed of the book either.

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Awww I'm sorry this one didn't work out, especially since it sounds like the characters are pretty interesting.