There goes January..!

january books

I read a lot this month. I have been home most of it and participated in the Bout of Books readathon. I read 11 books,  3317 pages and listened to 50 hours of audio.

I am much enjoying my Harry Potter audio. I read all the books multiple times in Dutch and am now listening to the English audio (narrator Stephen Fry) It makes me wonder if all of the English has been translated and now I want to read the Dutch books again.

I have been diving into audiobooks more lately and was looking for a way to get more access to audiobooks. I tried Audible for a while and though I like it I am not really fond of their membership program. I knew we had a few options here in the Netherlands and I decided to have a look at the streaming service Storytel. I was really surprised to find they have a huge library of English books (including all the Harry Potters). For now I am pretty satisfied.

The book I enjoyed most was The Heart's Invisible Furies by John Boyne. It is well written and very emotional. I was happy with the last instalment of The Cemetery of Forgotten Books, The Labyrinth of Forgotten Spirits too. It has been a good book month.

I am way ahead of my Goodreads Challenge already and upped it from 40 to 52. I have been reading a lot of review books this month, now I just have to write those reviews!

How was your January? Found any good new books? Did you make a good start with your reading or has it been slow? 

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