And 2018 is there!

I was looking at my resolution post for 2017 and realize my goals for this year will not be much different.
I had hoped to be able to make some exciting plans but 2017 turned out to be one of the worst years in my life. In short my mum got sick, got a bit better but she passed away in July. I have been struggling with this loss obviously and it has been having a huge impact on everything.

For 2018 I am not really setting goals. I am just going with the flow I guess.
I will be finishing a data science course in January. It is only the exam that is left to finish. There are still a lot of other things I have to work on but concentration is just not there.

Reading and blog wise I do not think things will change much. I am going to try and blog more consistent. At least a monthly update on my reading and posting reviews for the books I read.
I am reading mostly what I feel like reading. At the moment it is a lot of rereading for favourites and a lot of crime/thriller stuff. Something to keep my mind busy.
What has changed is that I am listening to audiobooks more. They are great to tune out my thoughts when I have sleepless moments in the middle of the night.

Challenge wise I will be joining the Goodreads challenge again. It is an easy one to keep up with.
I did a few Instagram challenges last year and they were fun. I will probably join a few of those this year.

Did you make any resolutions for 2018? If you have a good audiobook recommendation please let me know!

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