The Last of the Greenwoods, Clare Morrall

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The Last of the Greenwoods, Clare MorrallAuthor: Clare Morrall
Publisher: Sceptre
Pages: 352
Format: DRC
ISBN-13: 9781473649156
Publisher: eBook | AudioBook 
The Last of the Greenwoods

3 stars

In a field outside Bromsgrove, two elderly brothers live in adjoining railway carriages. No one visits and they never speak to each other. Until the day Zohra Dasgupta, a young postwoman, delivers an extraordinary letter - from a woman claiming to be the sister they thought had been murdered fifty years earlier.

So begins an intriguing tale: is this woman an impostor? If she's not, what did happen all those years ago? And why are the brothers such recluses? Then there's Zohra. Once a bright, outgoing teenager, the only friend she will see from her schooldays is laid back Crispin, who has roped her in to the restoration of an old railway line on his father's land. For which, as it happens, they need some carriages . . .

The message in this book is a clear one. If you have to make a life choice do it carefully.
Nick, Johnny and Zohra made choices they now regret and they get a chance to make up for a few of them. The reader does get some insight how the situation was when the choices were made but the decision made was not always the obvious one. I missed out on the connection between the stories except for the she was the postwoman that delivered that letter and in need of a train carriage. The way they stood in their lives, how they got there and what they now were looking for was so different. This gave me the feeling I was reading two different books set in the same place at the same time.
I enjoyed the story of Zohra and Crispin the most. There is a lot of action in that part of the story. Crispin is a fun character with an interesting life. What he does for Zohra makes him even more likeable. The past they share and what they know makes it easy to cheer for them.
There are some interesting parts in the brothers stories too. The murder of their sister and now the woman showing up. The flashbacks on their lives which was pretty interesting and fun. But in the end I missed some depth in the characters to really connect.

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