There goes May..!

So my last post was There goes April..It said I had to focus in writing reviews in May and well we all saw how that worked out.In my defence.. May has been crazy busy and weird.
I started the month of in London visiting a few theatre shows. I finally managed to catch Hamilton (Yay) and Everybody is Talking About Jamie, Chess, The Ferryman (this was awesome, will open on Broadway in October so if you can go catch it) and Aladdin. It was great weather too so we walked around a lot.
At the end of the month I had a week at the beach planned. I rented a little house right on the beach and had planned to write reviews. The house was great, the weather even better and the view was the best. The internet connection not so much so I was forced offline most of the time and I actually did not mind much.
The rest of the month was filled with awkwardness. I was leaving the company I had worked at after 11 years and had to close up all the things or transfer the important stuff to other people. My mind obviously was full. I did have my first day at my new job too last Friday and it was awesome!!

But for writing reviews last month it was hopeless. I am going to spend the rest of this day on writing at least 3 reviews and am hoping to catch up this month. My reading was off too but I still managed to read a few books. Thanks to audiobooks too which I listened a lot when I could not sleep.
There was not really a book that jumped out as best or worst this month. I have been enjoying the Lucas Davenport series. It is clear I am in a crime mystery reading mood.

I have to read one more book to finish my Goodreads challenge. I think I will change it to 75 books. I should be able to read another 25 for the rest of the year. My main focus for the coming months is to read my review books and actually review them on time.

What was your favourite book in May?

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Hope June is a better month for you!