An American Marriage, Tayari Jones

*Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher *

An American Marriage, Tayari Jones
Author: Tayari Jones
Publisher: Oneworld Publications
Pages: 320
Format: DRC
ISBN-10: 1786075199
ISBN-13: 9781786075192
Publisher: Paperback
An American Marriage

Newlyweds Celestial and Roy are the embodiment of both the American Dream and the New South. He is a young executive and she is an artist on the brink of an exciting career. But as they settle into the routine of their life together, they are ripped apart by circumstances neither could have imagined.

This book has been crowding my feed the last months. Though it did not really fit in my general reading pattern I got curious about this one.
Told from different points of view we get the story about Celestial and Roy. How they meet, their marriage and the struggle they run into after just a year of marriage. Roy gets incarcerated for a crime he did not commit and is sentenced to serve 12 years in prison. This could happen because he had the wrong colour in the wrong state. Promises are made but things get harder as the years pass by.
There are a lot of topics in this book. One of the subjects is the racism. How could Roy get punished for a crime he did not commit? You always hope the people that still suffer from prejudice like that read the book and realize how horrible their train of thought is but I am afraid they wont pick up this read. It was even more bitter as both Roy and Celestial had the feeling they were living in a new world where being black mattered less.
The second thing I totally loved about this book was the love and marriage subject. It is not only the marriage between Celestial and Roy. The marriages of their parents are part of the story too. It is interesting to read they many different stories and how everybody is dealing with their struggles in their own way.
I enjoyed the writing. It was serene and witty. Despite the hard subjects it was an accessible story.
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