There goes June..!


Hello... yes I am still here. Though with the temperatures out here it would not have been a surprise if I had melted. The weather has been going from one extreme to the other but most of the time it has been very warm.

The job is starting to take form more and more and I am very much enjoying it. I go there by bike and get most of my 'reading' done during this commute. Yay for audio books! Thanks to the listening I did finish 4 books this month. I have been having very tired eyes and having a hard time to read paper.

I started the Jack Reacher series by Lee Child. I had some difficulty getting used to the narrator but when I got more of a feeling for who Reacher is the narrator actually fit the books very well. I decided to pick up The Goldfinch by Donna Tart as the movie will be coming out soon and I was curious.

Despite reading only a few books I am still ahead with my Goodreads challenge. The Goldfinch did count for my Unread Pile of Books challenge. And I did read every day of the year for the #betterreadschallenge.

July is a bit of a weird month for me. I do hope to join the #24in48 challenge at the end of the month. Bought some new books for that one. I do not have many plans for my spare time but I do hope to be able to read a bit more paper books again without falling asleep.

I wont have holiday until the end of September but I do hope the weather will keep up with the sunshine.
What are your summer reading plans?

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03 July, 2019 delete

Busy, busy, busy... lol.. Happy July!