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July has been a weird month. I notice that I am in a very complicated reading mood. I really want to read, I am craving books but none of the books I have are good enough. I have been able to keep myself from going to the bookstore though as with 130 books still to read in various genres I feel I should give those books a chance.

I managed to read 9 books. The #24in48 read-a-thon helped a lot with that. I had a few very good reads too. I enjoyed The Great Believers by Rebecca Makkai on audio and De verdwijning van Stephanie Mailer by Joël Dicker a lot.

I am still on track for my Goodreads challenge. I read 21 in my Unread Pile of Books challenge which means I am halfway.

I joined Bookcrossing this month too. I was at a charity booksale and realized they had been scavenging books from the little library in the station again. I saw them doing it last year and have been making notes and marking all of the books I put in there. I often place a lot in one go and now I found 7 of them in the boxes together. A bit to much of a coincidence. So from now on I will release my books with bookcrossing sticker and who knows where they end up.

For August I am much looking forward to the Dewey read-a-thon this weekend. As I have to work normally again on Monday I will probably not read the whole 24 hours but I am going to try as much as I can. Still deciding on my pile... either Unread Pile of Books books or a Netgalley where I kind of went on a thriller request frenzy at the beginning of the month.

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You did great. Love seeing Karin Slaughter, though it must be in a language I do not read. Happy August!