There goes August..!

Hi there. How has your summer been? Did you go on holiday, spend the summer reading on your own porch or, like me, had to work trough summer. I am looking forward to going on holiday later this year still but all the holiday talk did get me excited for some time off.

We've had perfect reading weather between to hot to do something or storms. I participated in Dewey's readathon in the first weekend and picked up some great reads during the month.
In total I read 15 books. I really enjoyed City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert, a great atmospheric read with an interesting setting in the theatre world of New York. There are a lot of topics that can provoke a discussion and it would make for a great book club read.  I also loved The Dutch House by Ann Patchett which will be released next month. Another thought provoking read and a book to look out for in September.

I am currently 18 books ahead in my Goodreads challenge so that should not be much of a problem. I read 25 books from my Unread Pile of Books challenge. I am not sure I can make it to the 40 though I am pretty satisfied with the numbers for now.

September is going to be filled with theater visits (the new season is starting and there are some great show coming by this year), holiday packing and I hope a lot of good books! I always get in more of a book mood with the weather getting worse and the dark setting earlier.

What is your favourite autumn read?
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02 September, 2019 delete

You did awesome!! I really want to read City of Girls. Happy September!