Review: Close Your Eyes, Hold Hands, Chris Bohjalian

*Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book on Netgalley from the publisher in return for an honest review*
Close Your Eyes, Hold Hands, Chris Bohjalian
Emily Shepard is a homeless girl living in an igloo made of garbage bags in Burlington. Nearly a year ago, a power plant in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont had a meltdown, and both of Emily's parents were killed. Devastatingly, her father was in charge of the plant, and the meltdown may have been his fault—was he drunk when it happened? Thousands of people are forced to leave their homes in the Kingdom; rivers and forests are destroyed; and Emily feels certain that as the daughter of the most hated man in America, she is in danger. So instead of following the social workers and her classmates after the meltdown, Emily takes off on her own for Burlington, where she survives by stealing, sleeping on the floor of a drug dealer's house, inventing a new identity for herself, and befriending a young homeless kid named Cameron. But Emily can't outrun her past, can't escape her grief, can't hide forever-and so she comes up with the only plan that she can.

Chris Bohjalian was born in White Plaine, New York. Chris graduated from Amherst College. He is the author of seventeen books. He has written for a wide variety of magazines, including Cosmopolitan, Reader's Digest, and the Boston Globe Sunday Magazine, and has been a columnist for Gannett's Burlington Free Press since 1992. Chris lives in Vermont with his wife and daughter.

I might have screamed when I finished reading this book. I am not much of a jumping time line reader. This usually throws me of my reading speed as I have to keep adjusting. In this book it worked out very well though, filling in back story when needed. It was easy to connect with Emily. Though all her decisions are explained I did find it difficult at some points to agree with them. Still the loneliness and her will to survive and get answers jumped of the pages and caught me by the throat. I would have loved to have known more about Cameron. His story was interesting too.
This book just kept me reading needing to know how it would end.

Close Your Eyes, Hold Hands
Author: Chris Bohjalian
Publisher: Doubleday
Pages: 288
Format: eArc
ISBN-10: 0385534833
ISBN-13: 9780385534833
Doubleday: Hardcover

Close Your Eyes, Hold Hands
4 stars

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