Review: De Vlucht, Jesús Carrsaco

De Vlucht, Jesús Carrsaco
A boy hides in an olive tree orchard. He hears the men from the village looking for him and crawls deeper in his hideout. When the voices fade he is alone. In front of him are endless dry plains he has to cross while fighting heat, hunger and thirst. In the middle of the night he walks into a goat herders camp. Under the stars a friendship starts that will define both their lives.

Jesús Carrasco (1972) was born in Extremadura, Spain. He is working as editor and writer in Sevilla.

I received this book as part of a festival where they had 30 people book groups with the author. You could sign up for various authors but this one got a lot of attention the last year and I was very curious.
This book is a very interesting read due to a lot of factors. People following my blog know I love to get enough details on characters to be able to connect. In this book there are not much details given not even names. Still it works. It is clear something terrible has happened to the boy and he is struggling and being scared not sure how to continue. The distant writing style makes the despair even jump of the page more. I love the shepherd character too. Though he seems to be distant I felt he could be trusted. It was a very interesting read.

De vlucht
Author: Jesús Carrasco
Publisher: Meulenhoff
Pages: 207
Format: Hardcover
ISBN-13: 9789029088800
Original title: Intemperie
Publisher: eBook | Hardcover
De vlucht
4 stars

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I'm glad this one ended up working for you.