The Blue Journal, L.T. Graham

Author: L.T. Graham
Publisher: Seventh Street Books
Pages: 350
Format: eArc
ISBN-13: 9781633880603
Seventh Street Books: various formats
The Blue Journal

Elizabeth Knoebel is killed. Leaving behind a diary with  the title 'Sexual Rites' describing her various sexual encounters with both man and woman. The entries show she was a predator and did not mind humiliating her partners. Police officer Anthony Walker is confronted with a lot of possible suspects. Hoping to find out more about Elizabeth he contacts her psychotherapist Randi Conway.

Yes there is a lot of explicit language in this book. Starting first with a diary entry and a description of the murder I got the feeling I would not finish this book. I am no fan of too many details. Eventually the tone softened a bit except for the diary entries but they were not many entries in the rest of the story.
Anthony is your stereotype detective, divorced, likes drinks, cannot seem to keep his hands of woman involved in cases. The little view you get of his life and why he got divorced can work for him though I had a hard time buying it. He is an ok character, likeable enough to hope everything will work out. Randi on the other hand was totally confusing. She seemed to have a big problem with keeping a professional distance towards her clients which made me angry at her a lot.
The developments in the story do not always provide enough details to puzzle along easily but it is possible.

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