The Undertaker's Daughter, Kate Mayfield

The Undertakers Daughter, Kate Mayfield
Author: Kate Mayfield
Publisher: Gallery Books
Pages: 368
Format: eArc
Gallery Books: eBook | Hardcover
The Undertaker's Daughter

Kate grew up as daughter of an undertaker. Living above the family business for 13 years she tells the story about her life. Growing up with dead people in your house, mourning people in your house. This is the story of her family, their living arrangements and the community she grew up in.

My aunt and uncle had a grocery store and lived above the store. As kids we came there regularly and walked trough the store while it was opened and customers were there. It was fun to read this story where noise is not allowed when customers are there. Even when there are no living customers it is a bit weird to make noise I guess
The whole funeral home thing really is just a small part. Kate tells a lot more about developments in the town and in her family. Her father is a very charismatic man but has his secrets too. As Kate grows up and uncovers more and more details about her parents and how things went in their lives the whole funeral house undertaker thing gets less important.
The book is a bit cold and distant to read, almost factual, which annoyed me at points and realizing that this was a true story helped me enjoy the book more.
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23 January, 2015 delete

I tend to have trouble with a cold and factual tone in a book. I'm glad this one still worked out okay for you!

26 January, 2015 delete

I REALLY want to read this!