What Burns Away, Melissa Falcon Field

Author: Melissa Falcon Field
Publisher: Sourcebooks Landmark
Pages: 336
Format: eArc
ISBN-10: 1492604569
ISBN-13: 9781492604563
Sourcebooks Landmark: various formats
What Burns Away

Claire is trying to be a good wife and mother but she feels lonely after they moved for Miles his career. She does not know anyone in town and their son is still young, sleeping a lot while Miles gets lost in his new job. Bored and lonely she goes on the internet to find a message from her high school lover Dean on her Facebook. Does he really just want to reconnect or is there more behind his newly kindled interest for Claire.

This was disturbing... very disturbing!
I do think I hate Claire. She is scary and unfair and I need a dictionary with all the bad behaviour descriptions because this woman is way out of line!!
The story tells about Claire's life. How her mother left the family for another man with Claire finding it out just before and feeling badly betrayed by her. This part of her life is told in flashbacks throughout the whole book and you do not get the whole story until the end. The other part is about the now. Claire her marriage with Miles and how they have lost their connection. What disturbed me most in that part is that Miles did try at points but Claire seemed to be blind to his intentions.
The third important factor in the story is Dean. Being part of both the flashbacks and abusing the fact that Claire is unhappy now he connects both stories together.
It was easy to hate Dean, just his actions were enough to actually despise him.
Both Claire and Miles are more difficult characters. Miles is mostly seen trough Claire's eyes which makes it even more obvious she never gives him a fair chance. He does not seem to be an unkind person though. Yes he has flaws but that only makes him human.
At the start Claire can be understood too. But as the story develops it becomes more difficult. She is very complicated and I could not agree with her decisions. In the end the story was trying to pull the pity card on her but really I could not feel any sympathy for her.
Though I did not particularly enjoyed most of the book the end just left me speechless. It was disturbing, I was angry and upset, I felt like throwing away my Kindle (which I was smart enough not too but if it would have been paper...) I was wowed.

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