There goes..... July!!!

July Books
Summer Summer Summer time!!

Books read: 8
Pages: 2290
Goodreads Challenge: 60 books of 75.

J by Howard Jacobson €11,99
Total June €11,99
Total 2015 €137,16

I was planning on not buying any books this month but when I spotted the mass market paperback for this one I had to have it. It has been on my wishlist for a while now. But with only 1 book I did very well. New chances to not buy books for the month of August.

Added to the never ending TBR
12 by Sean Platt
The Secret Life of Anna Blanc by Jennifer Kincheloe
Playing With Fire by Tess Gerritsen
If Anything Should Happen by Bonnie Hearn Hill

Not to bad I guess. These are all review books for somewhere in the upcoming months.

On a personal note
I had a really quiet birthday with my partner. We went to the Glowgolf and he did not let me win.
The weather has gone from a good 35 degrees early this month to 19 and rain now and we had a real storm the last week of July. Both weather conditions are great for reading though so I do not really mind.
Work is still busy despite the holiday season. But that is ok. It will keep me busy as I am waiting for my holiday to start.

Looking forward
SAIL!! Every 5 years there is this tall ship festival in Amsterdam and I love it.

What is on your summer reading list?
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31 July, 2015 delete

Ohhhh I like your cover of Station Eleven!
Happy belated birthday!

01 August, 2015 delete

Wasn't a fan of Station Eleven myself. Love her other books though.
Happy belated birthday, and happy August reading!

03 August, 2015 delete

I think that your goal for the Goodreads challenge is not very high: you'll have to increase the number of books in a couple of months :DDD
Hope you have a great month in August too.