The Professor, Robert Bailey

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The Professor, Robert Baily
Author: Robert Baily
Publisher: Exhibit A
Pages: 416
Format: eArc
ISBN-10: 1909223581
ISBN-13: 9781909223585
Thomas & Mercer: eBook | Paperback
The Professor

4 stars

Tom McMurrie was a great football player and law student in college. Just starting to practise law after winning three cases his old coach asks him to return to the university to teach. 40 years later he has been one of the most successful teachers but the new board is looking to refresh things and he gets sacked over an old incident with a student. Referring an important case for him to that same student might just save Tom's life.

A real legal thriller. It has been a while. Tom is a great character. Though he is willing to show a not so likeable part of himself it is clear he believes in justice. Put down though by the grief over the loss of his wife and his own failing health his will to fight seems to be gone. Still I never really felt that he was giving up easily.
Rick Drake, the just graduates problem student, lost everything after the incident. His anger does fees him but it is clear he is a fighter and willing to go all the way. Add a charming lady in the form of a student and there are the main characters.
I did have a hard time keeping characters apart. There is the story of Rick and Tom and their separate lives with their own people. Then there is the story of the accuses and his charming friends trying their best to work on evidence in their favour introducing a few extra people. I honestly forgot a few names and what their place was in the story which was not always convenient.
The story itself is an interesting case with big firms against vulnerable individuals. This always works well if you are on the individuals side and working on sympathy. There where a few extra extortion parts added to make it even easier to cheer for the good guys. I must admit that I did not wonder much about the outcome but the set up to get there is done well and entertaining enough to have keep reading late into the night.
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I also like legal thrillers, but I don't read many of them for a reason unknown. This one sounds interesting, I'm glad you liked it in the end.