Het diner, Herman Koch

Het diner, Herman Koch
Author: Herman Koch
Publisher: Anthos
Pages: 300
Format: Hardcover
ISBN-10: 9041413685
ISBN-13: 9789041413680
Publisher: Hardcover | Paperback
Het diner

Paul and Serge are brothers. One night they take their wives for dinner because they have to discuss a situation concerning their children. As the topic is revealed the story ends up in an interesting discussion about good and bad.

I read this book for the Socratic Salon and have shared some of my feelings there.
This book has been pushed on the Dutch market for months winning various awards even. I do not read Dutch authors often as their use of language tends to annoy me. Therefore I was anxious to pick up this book.
The story has a lot of disturbing things going on. Their sons have been involved in some serious things but it takes a long time before this is revealed. As the diner is proceeding Paul is thinking about his lifr and how that can be of influence on his family. How tired he is of his brother who is running for prime minister but to Paul seems to be brainless. There are a lot of things thst disturbed me but mostly the negativity Paul displayed and the ' I am not going to tell exactly but am giving you all the details anyway' behaviour.
The characters I found annoying most of the time. Paul is the most prominent but Claire is weird too and I would have liked to find out what she was thinking.
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30 August, 2015 delete

I loved this book! :-)

12 September, 2015 delete

I liked pretty much this book, but there was a single thing that I didn't like and that makes the rest of the book blow: the explanation about the behavior of the father and son. The book suggests that they have some kind of psychological issue that makes them aggressive, and I didn't like it. It's like "they are bad, but it's for this reason", not because they are just bad.
So, I have contradictory feelings for the book. However, I read it for a book club and it lead to a good discussion.