The 3rd Woman, Jonathan Freedland

*Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in return for an honest review*

Author: Jonathan Freedland
Publisher: Harper
Pages: 416
Format: Arc
ISBN-10: 0062207555
ISBN-13: 9780062207555
Publisher: eBook | Hardcover | Audiobook
The 3rd Woman

A young woman gets murdered. Unfortunately for the murderer she is the sister of Madison Webb a very driven journalist who is determined to find out what happened. In LA, now partly ruled by the Chinese due to a bargain in return for the trillions of debt the US had with that country, no one is save during the investigation of these murders. Important people from both sides are involved and trying to influence it.

This was an exciting read. At first I was afraid about the whole set-up with the Chinese and wondering if it would make the story awkward but I read a great thriller. I loved the puzzle and guessing along with a surprising end. I loved the politics, the untouchable diplomats (which had been a reason for discussion in our country last year) and the way the cultures conflicted.
Madison is a bit of a scary woman. Driven and going in hard I kept worrying about her the whole book. Wondering why she put herself in these situations and making such bold decisions. On the other hand she is never boring and pushing the story forward.
There are some other voices in the book. Leo Harris, advisor on the campaign for the major of LA running for governor for the state of California and ex boyfriend of Madison. His voice was interesting but mostly set on the campaign work. I had hoped he would have shed more of a light if Madison was like this when they where together.
Jeff Howe, a high ranked police officer. In love with Madison and therefore not allowed to work the case of her sisters dead. His character slowly disappeared from the story. Even though it works out good I kind of felt he was made to important at the start for how he ended up.
The last is Bill Doran. Jeff Howes counterpart on the republican campaign. Not having to much to do with Madison but using her story for his campaign. The whole situation with Jeff and Bill was actually a second story in the book how placing your candidate works and what you should pay attention too as an adviser. Though their tricks are obvious it was fun to read about it.
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20 August, 2015 delete

It sounds good; at first I'm not very interested in political thrillers, but when I read one of them, I get hooked.