Premiere, Tracy Ewens

*Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in return for an honest review*

Author: Tracy Ewens
Pages: 272
Format: eArc
Series: #1
Publisher: eBook | Paperback

Samantha, Grady and Peter have been friends since they where youngsters. Growing up in their privileged environments they find understanding with one another for the fact that their lives can be problematic too. One night Peter and Samantha find each other but when Peter suddenly leaves for New York without ever talking about that night Samantha is left heartbroken. Now four years later Peter is back. He has become a successful playwright and has written a play for the Pasadena Playhouse where Sam is working. Having to deal with Peter in her life again a lot of the old feelings but also the old anger is returning.

So this book is scoring major points with a Jersey Boys reference but overall it fell flat.
There is a lot of repeating going on and I was jumping from the one person to the other in a few sentences. Sometimes not realizing who was talking. Past en present mix though that was mostly obvious.
The characters are a bit over the place too. Sam cannot make up her mind. Wanting to be a strong woman the one second ending up in a crumbling heap of tears the second without me ever knowing what exactly happened. I did like Grady a lot and would have loved to have him interfere in situations more.
I did finish the book as it was an easy light read.
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