Station Eleven, Emily St. John Mandel

Author: Emily St. John Mandel
Publisher: Picador
Pages: 339
Format: Paperback
ISBN-10: 1447268970
ISBN-13: 9781447268970
Publisher: various formats
Station Eleven

On the day Arthur dies of an heart attack while playing King Lear on a Toronto stage a deadly virus arrives in North America. Within days most of the people have died and all technology is failing. Kirsten, a young girl, sees it all but survives. 20 years later she is travelling with a troupe performing King Lear and other plays in settlements in the US.

This book received a lot of great reviews. Everybody was talking about it. I do not often read books with doom scenarios but was still curious.
The book jumps between Arthur's life, his past until the moment he dies. Introducing his wives, son and friends. Telling stories about living a life in the spotlight.
The other part is Kirsten her life. Starting as a child star trying to make a life after the virus kills her parents when she is 8. Her brother takes her to the US to have a better chance. She is now travelling with the Symphony. A group of performers. She has an interest in Arthur's life as she was there on stage when he died.
It was brilliant to see how lives ended up together. Eventually all the characters have a connection trough Arthur. I liked that development.
The doom day scenario we have to pick up our lives was not to much of a subject. It was there and played a big part in decision making of the characters but it was not over the top weird.
Though the story kept me reading I missed a WOW factor. I managed to put the book down to go to sleep when I had only 30 pages left not expecting something mind blowing either. I a way that made me sad as I had hoped for it.
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