There goes... September!!

And August too as I did not wrap up that month due to holiday!

Books read: 14
Pages: 6253
Goodreads Challenge: 74 books of 75.

Various books €120,00
Total June €120,00
Total 2015 €245,17

I bought a lot of books but do not know the prize per book just what the credit card company charged me with after the holiday. It included the first three Sandman graphic novels by Neil Gaiman. The Quick by Lauren Owen and a few others. That happens when you enter bookshops in England.

Added to the never ending TBR
A Banquet of Consequences by Elizabeth George
Het museum van zonderlinge zaken by Alice Hoffman
All the Stars in Heaven by Adriana Trigiani
Medocino Fire by Elizabeth Tallent
Pop Sonnets by Erik Didriksen
The Lake House by Kate Morton
The Deathsniffers's Assistant by Kate McIntyre

These are all review books except for the Hoffman which is for book club. I do not feel this is a lot for two months. Yay me!

On a personal note
August and September are always a bit weird. I usually take my summer holiday in September after the schools have started again. August is the month most of my coworkers are gone due to the fact they do have kids. This means it is very busy that month as we have to juggle a few more things compared to normal. The holiday was great. We went to the UK and the partner drove on the wrong side of the road for the first time. He was so nervous but it went really well. We did some maintenance on the house. I never like doing it but do like the result. I have been back at work for a bit more than a week now and the normal rhythm is starting again.

Looking forward
Dewey's Read-a-Thon!! I love participating in this readathon. I am also trying to join the #octspookstagramchallenge. I joined an Instagram challenge over the summer and it was fun and something new for me. I am going to try and join these more often. And another challenge I am joining this month is #15in31. With Dewey I must be able to make it. I do not really need it to get my reading challenge as I am almost at my goal but I do like the idea.
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Jennine G.
01 October, 2015 delete

Wow, you had a great reading month!