Us, David Nicholls

Us, David Nicholls
Author: David Nicholls
Publisher: Hodder
Pages: 403
Format: Pperback
ISBN-13: 9780340897010
Publisher: eBook | Hardcover | Paperback

3 stars

Just a few weeks before the holiday starts Connie tells Douglas she is planning to leave after their holiday. With their son leaving for college she does not see a reason to stay together. Douglas gets the idea to make the holiday perfect to win back her love and the respect of both Connie and his son Albie.

This book read like a wave. some parts where really nice and others not so much. This might sound a bit harder than the book deserves but there where a few really funny things happening and then it would slow down for a long while. I liked the way the story was set up with the trip mirroring the trips Connie and Douglas made early in their relationship and Douglas telling the story of how they met and how their lives developed.
I was a bit annoyed by the way Connie and Albie where picking in Douglas. I imagined she would have found a more sensible way earlier in their lives to show Douglas what was going on and why he had so many troubles connecting to Albie but that did not happen. Douglas was obviously blind to his own behaviour but it was clear that he did the same his parents did. This was interesting specially when the you try to do it better than your parents part is discussed. It might be though that having the same story trough Connie her eyes would have given a different view but I felt Douglas was willing to change his ways when he understood what was not working and it frustrated me as a reader that no one took the time to explain. I liked Douglas.
Connie and Albie you get to know trough his eyes and his love is obvious. I did find it funny how there were situations described showing all the communication errors and nobody getting why the other person got angry. Still I am curious how the story would have been from their eyes.
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Amanda B.
13 September, 2015 delete

So glad I came across this review! I think I may have to remove it from my must-read list. Thanks for the warning!