There goes... October!!!

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Autumn is in full swing!!

Books read: 12
Pages: 3493
Goodreads Challenge: 86 books of 100.

I updated my Goodreads Challenge to 100 books as I was going way over my old challenge of 75.

- €0,00
Total June €0,00
Total 2015 €245,17

I did not buy a book this month!!

Added to the never ending TBR
My Sunshine Away by M.O. Walsh
Pachwork Man by D.B. Martin

It has been very quiet with adding new books.

On a personal note
I participated in Dewey's Read-a-Thon!! I managed to read for 22 hours, a new record. I tried to join the #octspookstagramchallenge but I noticed I had a difficult time to have proper objects to fit the theme of that day. Last I participated in the #15in31 challenge. With 12 books I did read a lot more than usual in a month but it is safe to say that was because of the readathon. My 'normal' reading has been about the same or even less as I am currently binge watching The Gilmore Girls.

Looking forward 
November will be filled with getting ready for the busy December month. We will celebrate Sinterklaas on the 5th of December and the good man cannot show up without presents. I also start looking for Christmas dinner food. We hardly ever eat at home with Christmas but I love trying out new recipes. Add a few theatre visits and the fact that I am just halfway season three of The Gilmore Girls it will be a busy month. Reading wise I do not have much planned. Not even my books. I do have a review book for December but that is it. I really love the idea. I am more of a mood reader in the dark months.

What is your plan for November?
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02 November, 2015 delete

Great job! I'm right behind you at 85.
Happy November!

10 November, 2015 delete

Wow! You've done a lot of reading :)

I'm totally behind this year!!