The Quick, Lauren Owen

The Quick, Lauren Owen
Author: Lauren Owen
Publisher: Vintage
Pages: 528
Format: Paperback
ISBN-10: 0099569973
ISBN-13: 9780099569978
Publisher: eBook | Hardcover | Paperback
The Quick

3 stars

Victorian England. There are many secret societies and one of the most powerful ones is the Aegolius Club. James and Charlotte grow up in the country side but James leaves for London to get education and stays there finding lodging with a young aristocrat. When Charlotte does not hear from him for a while she travels to London to find out where he is. There she discovers a hidden world of creatures facing their own troubles. Between the dark alleys of London and the mysterious society of the Aegolius Club there is a lot of politics in which all characters eventually get involved whether they want it or not.

I did not see that coming... a few weeks ago I read a post by Shannon @ River City Reading about preparing yourself for the next book. I never look for information about the next book being afraid to find spoilers. I check the star rating my friends give a book and I read the blurb and that is it. With that information this book is full of surprises. Obviously you know something is going to happen but you do not know what. If you are like me and love surprises you might want to stop reading this review around here.
That were a lot of characters in one story. I am horrible at separating them at one point specially when the one is called Edmund the other Eugene and a Lil and a Liza and help!! So eventually I got James, Charlotte because we started with them and Howland as he was becoming a key figure too. It took me till halfway to get Mould in my head despite him having his own chapters and all the others running around only confused me. I hate it when this happens because I will not really connect with the characters any more when I get to confused. If I don't like the book it is not much of a problem bit I did like this book.
The atmosphere is great. I could see the dark streets and the crowds. The people running around. Even with just a little description it simply worked. The idea of the undead and investigation about what they can handle and how they are is not the most original but it was put together in a great way. Reading the new discovery for Mould that holy water and silver do hurt them made me feel his happiness even though my mind told me I know that since forever and could have told him. I did not really like the first set of Mould his notebook chapters early in the book. Though they give an insight on his life there are to many things missing to keep the story fluent with the information I had at that point in the book. I was glad when I got passed them and the story began to move on again. There were a lot of interesting things happening there with underworld politics and research and creepy characters. This story is tied up nicely but there are some open ends for involved characters that might frustrate a reader who likes everything closed.
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16 November, 2015 delete

Ohh great!

Well well well, I was trying to tell you that I also enjoyed the book. I thought I couldn't like "another" book about these creatures, but I did indeed!
I was very surprised by "the surprise"; I was expecting a totally different book about perhaps a gay relationship. I didn't have trouble with the names, I think, and I loved some of the secondary characters: the librarian who travelled the world, the father and fianceé of the boy who was locked in that room, etc.