Moonglow, Michael Chabon

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Moonglow, Michael Chabon
Author: Michael Chabon
Publisher: Harper
Pages: 448
Format: DRC
ISBN-10: 0062225553
ISBN-13: 9780062225559
Publisher: eBook | Hardcover | Audiobook

3 stars

Tongue loosened by the painkillers and memory stirred by the imminence of death stories are shared by the grandfather with the grandson that is taking care of him. A story of madness, of war and adventure, of sex and marriage and desire, of existential doubt and model rocketry, of the shining aspirations and demonic underpinnings of American technological accomplishment at mid century, and, above all, of the destructive impact—and the creative power—of keeping secrets and telling lies. It is a portrait of the difficult but passionate love between the narrator’s grandfather and his grandmother, an enigmatic woman broken by her experience growing up in war-torn France.

This book is not a quick read. Chabon's writing style combined with the subjects discussed in this book make sure you have to put it down occasionally to catch breath.
This story is based on the death bed confessions of Chabon's own grandfather. Realizing this throughout the story made it even more special to read. Imagining the anticipation of family secrets getting revealed one by one, hearing about your heritage and history.
The grandfather never gets a name this gave me a weird feeling of being part of the family. The atmosphere is great. The different periods are described well and small details make that you can really feel it. Still I failed to really connect to the story. Jumping between different periods. Getting small parts of a story and having to wait long to get more of the story.
What I loved most was the dedication of the grandfather to his wife. Despite knowing she was having a mental disorder his love was obvious and his will to make her life the best that was possible was heartbreaking.
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10 December, 2016 delete

Ohhh sounds like this one is a slow burn. I have it waiting for me on my bookshelf. Great review!

14 December, 2016 delete

I can't wait to read this one and it's on my most anticipated list (or most looking forward to, whichever I called it!). It sounds a bit like Tuesday's with Morrie in premise but darker.

14 December, 2016 delete

Oh I think I also would like this one. Family secrets and confessions are absoolutely my thing!